‘GET REAL!’ Sex Ed Campaign


Today, I pre-launched a new project – the ‘GET REAL!’ Sex Ed Campaign.

The ‘Get Real!’ Sex Ed Campaign is fighting for the right for all young people, no matter where they live and what school they go to, to have their say in and receive a REAL and relevant non-heterocentric sex education that responds to their actual lives in today’s society.

It is our aim, through the integral work of our Student Ambassadors, that every academic institution in this country, regardless of religious affiliation,:
– reviews and improves its own provision of sex education within the school curriculum.
– is aware of the key issues affecting young people’s sex lives and sexualities.
– holds annual sex education fairs targeted at all students aged 14+.
– holds regular student forums whereby young people can openly express their opinions and concerns.
– encourages open discussion and debate around various topics relating to sex and sexuality.
– offers a sex and sexuality peer advice and mentoring service for all students.
– facilitates the regular visit of a youth worker to offer sexual guidance and advice as well as contraception and STI testing where possible.
– commits to combatting homophobia and maintaining a non-heterocentric approach to sex education and, where appropriate, in other curriculum areas too.

Over the next few months, we will be travelling around the country and arranging young people’s forums and sex ed fairs & events at universities, colleges, sixth forms, schools and other locations around the country.

Do you want to help change the face of sex education in the UK?

You can get involved by:
– becoming a Student / Youth Ambassador.
– becoming a young Sexual Activist.
– helping fundraise.
– donating at https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/bciha/ab/226wM0
– attending our events.

Join us on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/getrealUK

We will be arranging an official launch event in London during the start of 2014.

Join and support this BIRDS, BEES, PLEASE led campaign to convince those in authority that its time to ‘Get Real!’ when it comes to the sex education for our young people.

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