D.O.B.:  5th May 1980
Place of birth:  Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England.
Lives in:  Almeria, Spain
Previously resided in:  London (England), Toronto (Canada), London (Canada), Manchester (England), Glasgow (Scotland)
Height:  6ft 2in / 188cm
Weight:  103kg / 16.3 stone
Pets:  3 part-husky Romanian rescue dogs
Interests: Piano playing, politics, theatre, jazz.
A Levels:  French (A), Politics (A), German (B), General Studies (B)
University:  BA Politics (Queen Mary College, University of London),
PGCE Secondary Citizenship (Institute of Education, University of London)
Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish, German & Dutch

Although most famously remembered for his time in the Big Brother 13 house in 2012 and his chair-raising exit, Benedict Garrett first hit global headlines in 2010.  He unapologetically confessed to having been a teacher & head of sex education at a London secondary school as well as an adult entertainer.
A year later, he was once again in the press, for single-handedly fighting the General Teaching Council and momentously maintaining the right to remain on the teaching register.
Over the last few years, in his role as a ‘sexual activist’ attempting to change our attitudes to issues relating to sex and sexuality, Benedict has appeared on interviews and debates for numerous television and radio stations in the UK and abroad, written a column for ‘The Guardian’ and been an invited speaker to some of the top academic institutions, including Cambridge, Oxford and Trinity College Dublin.
Benedict is often consulted as a ‘sex expert’ for issues varying from pornography to prostitution, sexuality to body image.
In 2013, Benedict became the proud winner of a much coveted Erotic Award.

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