That’s Onesie for the Record Books!

I’m never good at early mornings.  Early mornings on Saturdays are blasphemous in my religion – which, as you all know, is one I completely concocted myself out of nowhere.  But today was a slightly different Saturday.  It isn’t every day that you get asked to help in a Guiness World record breaking attempt in aid of a worthwhile cause.

The Henry Allen Appeal was founded to help its namesake, a young man born in June 2009, in his fight against Neuroblastoma  Sadly, on 20th October 2013, aged just 4 years, Henry Allen lost his battle.

The Appeal ,however, strives on to raise awareness and funds to support other sufferers and their families.

As part of this effort, The Henry Allen Appeal staged, what they hoped would be, a record breaking attempt at having the largest number of people dressed in onesies in one location.

As fellow Big Brother reject, Chris James, and myself, sounded the klaxons at the MK Dons football stadium in Milton Keynes to mark the official time the record would be registered, we were delighted to hear that the record had officially been broken by over 50 people – 752, in fact, including a 10 day old baby in a fluffy pink onesie!

Well done to The Henry Allen Appeal and to everyone who turned up on an Saturday morning to show their support!


If you’d like to find out more about The Henry Allen Appeal and to donate, you can visit the links below: coming soon!
twitter @henryallenappl
louise is on @f8andbethere for social media enquiries
Kerry is managing the media/press and pr – for more info