The Attitude of those who like Attitude?

I totally support any media outlet that attempts to create literature that covers serious and more light-hearted stories around LGBT news, issues and affairs. I also support pornography. I don’t really have a problem with any magazine that tries to combine a little of one with some of the other.


I have subscribed to the Attitude Magazine feed on Facebook (the UK’s largest ‘Gay Lifestyle’ magazine) for a while now. Rather than a feed full of enlightening, eye-opening, cutting-edge journalistic reports, interviews and informative stories, it is, without any degree of exaggeration, 90% of the time, about some ‘celebrity’ getting naked, taking a topless or naked selfie or dis-robing themselves in some other fashion or manner for all of the world to see.

Personally, I find it an insult to those in the ‘gay community’ that this is, apparently, pretty much all that, at the very least, they think the subscribers to their Facebook page want to see. That gay men are so vacuous, shallow and obsessed with male nudity that it is, really, the only defining common feature of them all. Is this really what Attitude Magazine believes and wants the rest of us to think?

It was only earlier in the month, after Attitude Magazine ‘dared’ one of my Dreamboys work colleagues, Dan Osborne (who, by the way, I am not blaming here at all, its not him I have an issue with), to jump naked into a swimming pool in Ibiza, that I responded with this Facebook post:

Dear Attitude Magazine
Rather than ‘daring’ ‘celebs’ to throw themselves naked into swimming pools for your cheap tittilation & that of your readers, why not dare these ‘celebs’ to spend their valuable time going into schools to tackle homophobia or fight for the rights of homosexuals in oppressive regimes? And get them to do it for free rather than sucking more of the pink currency that they, in reality if it wasn’t for the financial recompense, would have no real time or care for? Seems like that would be more a realistic and appropriate ‘dare’ to me.
Yours faithfully,

Then today, after yet more posts offering me the opportunity to see a naked Dan Osborne in their magazine (despite having the opportunity to see his arse every time I work with him), I tweeted this and then the following conversation ensued:

Benedict Garrett ‏@BenedictGarrett
Dear @AttitudeMag Please change your name to ‘Naked Men Mag’. Gay lifestyle? My arse!!!

Josh @JoshJowo
@BenedictGarrett @AttitudeMag I like it the way it is. Good to have some eye candy! Don’t like it don’t read it lol # attitude

Benedict Garrett ‏@BenedictGarrett
@JoshJowo @AttitudeMag SOME is fine. The bombardment of male torsos from a mag purporting to cover serious gay issues is embarrassing.

And FYI I’ve never purchased a copy in my life. Have no intention of doing so.

Josh ‏@JoshJowo
@BenedictGarrett @AttitudeMag well its a gay magazine and sex sells lol if you’ve never brought it why bitch about it!

Benedict Garrett ‏@BenedictGarrett
@JoshJowo @AttitudeMag I know EXACTLY what it is. The stress was on BOUGHT. I’ve read it aplenty. I’ve even been in it!

Interesting philosophy. Don’t criticize anything, just ignore it. Now that’s a pathetic ATTITUDE.

Now I understand the magazine’s namesake. It’s a reflection of the idiots who buy it!

Josh ‏@JoshJowo 
@BenedictGarrett @AttitudeMag wow your such a nice person NOT! Your pathetic!

Benedict Garrett ‏@BenedictGarrett
@JoshJowo @AttitudeMag Excellent point. Well made. Again, great reflection of its readership’s mental capabilities.

If it’s not naked, it’s not news, right? God forbid gay men give a crap about anything else, of course!

Josh ‏@JoshJowo 
@BenedictGarrett @AttitudeMag lmao yet your the teacher/pornstar/dreamboy who makes a living out of getting there torso out! #hypocrite

Benedict Garrett ‏@BenedictGarrett 
@JoshJowo @AttitudeMag Indeed I do. But I don’t pretend to be anything else. THAT is the difference. But I don’t expect you to get it.

I don’t pretend to be a magazine covering serious ‘gay lifestyle’ issues but continually posting pictures of naked men, many of which could not give two shits about gay men or gay issues. But hey, as long as they’re naked, you don’t give a shit either, do you. Just another vacuous, brain dead gay man who, as long as there’s nudity, he’s happy.

And before you say it, I’m calling YOU a ‘vacuous, brain dead gay man’, not saying all gay men are. #needsspellingout

Josh ‏@JoshJowo
@BenedictGarrett @AttitudeMag your truly a ugly person with a ugly heart! What makes you think you can talk to people like that!

Then he decided to DM me this:

I don’t understand why you have to be so cruel. What you’ve said is pure nastiness. Unneeded! I was only saying I like the mag the way it is
5m 5 minutes ago

Benedict Garrett
Any reason you feel the need to DM me?

You responded to what I wrote. I responded to what you wrote. I say it as I see it.
4m 4 minutes ago

You don’t even know me. You’ve just been a complete wanker.
3m 3 minutes ago

Benedict Garrett
Thanks. Keep up the good work.
49s 50 seconds ago

Now, you tell me, did I go a step too far?

Face? Bovvered! #Attitude